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Really funny how people making fun of immigrants speaking “broken english” only know one fucking language.

“If you had a friend who spoke to you in the same way you sometimes speak to yourself, how long would you allow that person to be your friend?”

— Unknown (via sharkeisha)

I’m ridiculously excited and slightly apprehensive to announce that this August I will be cycling more than 1000km across France from Boulogne-sur-mer to Verbier. I’ll be cycling the course over 10 days as part of the STRIVE challenge. This is by far the longest distance I’ve ever attempted to cycle and I will undoubtedly need all your help and support!
STRIVE is an event organised by our friends over at the Big Change Charitable Trust. Rather than just a fundrasing event it’s a physical challenge that aims to raise funds to support young people across the UK - something I’m really passionate about. 
Every single penny raised through this campaign goes directly to the Big Change Trust which is then distributed to youth programmes across the UK. 
I’ll be cycling from the 12th of August to the 22nd and i’ll be updating my Twitter and the JacksGap Facebook on my progress. 
I really really need your support. I’m calling on everyone and anyone to donate anything they can afford to help support people just like yourselves.
Thank you! 
-Finn Harries
Finn needs your help! Donate here

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in which finn gets defensive over his pizza

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